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RINGER POWER SUPPLIES are installed within telecommunications equipment to provide low frequency AC Power and, if desired, -48VDC Power suitable for local or remote ringing.

All Viking Industrial Products (VIP) designs utilize high frequency switch-mode circuitry which avoids the potential problems associated with low frequency magnetism. The resulting products are well regulated, versatile and extremely reliable.

The RP60-2 series of dual output ringer power supplies is a proven standard with many options. One model is powered by an AC input voltage, the other by a -48VDC input voltage. Option 46 adds a cover, terminal block and line cord to the RP60-2A which often allows it to then serve as a lower cost replacement in 8050 type applications. Option 64 adds a cover with the CE mark applied for use in Europe. Option 72 defines a special dual DC output model designed for use with SLIC's. The RP60-2 series has sufficient dual output power for 36 lines, under usual ringing conditions.

The Model RP-10 "Ringmaster" is a small, low profile assembly. This design can be provided with either a vertical or a horizontal connector to allow mating with either a connector mounted on a PC motherboard or a cable connector. The RP-10 can ring about 10 phones continuously or up to 30 phones, if the load is phased.

The RP 30 compact, dual output telephone ring generator series is designed to occupy a single PC-ISA or PCI slot and power an analog telephone interface board.

The Model 500 is a versatile 19' rack mount chassis design. The basic model can be initially provided with anywhere from one to four modules. If less than four are initially provided, it can be expanded in the field, if desired, by adding modules. If the ringer load is phased, this model can be provided with the needed number of modules to provide sufficient dual output for 72,144, 216 or 288 phone lines.

Viking Industrial Products is an engineering oriented manufacturer. Custom single and dual output ringer power supply designs have been configured to satisfy specific O.E.M. customer requirements. Designs include plug-in, stand alone, L-Bracket and PC card cage models, as well as, rack mount chassis assemblies with multiple plug-in telecom power supplies and models which also contain logic voltages. We also specialize in piezo, pzt amplifiers and drivers for nano and micro applications. Please visit www piezomaster com for more information.

We would welcome the opportunity to discuss any special ringer configurations of interest to your company.

We would be pleased to provide pricing information on standard or custom designs for existing or new telecom applications.

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